Bettina was born in Germany, but fell in love with Africa the first time she visited in 1999. In 2001 she moved to Kasane, Botswana, where she has lived since with her husband and two daughters, three horses, one cat, one African Grey parrot and her three dogs. Apart from her passion for mosaics, Bettina's other love is for animals and she has founded the SPCA Chobe/ Northern Botswana in 2008.
The beauty of mosaic art lies in the creativity of the artist where the one has to decide about the placement of the shapes, colours and texture of the pieces to create beautiful and intricate designs and patterns. Bettina considers mosaics as paint, she works with it like a painter who mixes her colours on a palette and then places them on wood to create a picture. Kasane is a remote place and demands creativity as you often cannot buy what you want, thus forcing Bettina to find substitudes for her projects. She uses sand, shells, mirror, old cutlery and broken crockery, anything that will work in any particular piece and these collected objects end up contributing to the uniqueness of every work.
The term mosaic is derived from a Greek word, meaning 'patient work' and truly, mosaic art requires ample patience. Doing mosaic gives Bettina this patience and strenght for the busy life we all lead today. Bettina especially loves working with the vibrant colours that dances like stars across a summer sky and her original mosaics bring light and beauty to any room.
The Kiss → 34cm wide, 53cm high   SOLD 
Four dancing ladies → 70cm wide, 60cm high   SOLD 
Lady with Fan → 45cm x 45cm   SOLD 
Night Out → 120cm wide, 30cm high   SOLD 
Lady with red hat → 53cm wide, 34cm high  
Ballerina → 100cm wide, 70cm high  
Baobab → 30cm wide, 24cm high   SOLD 
Lady with buckets → 31cm wide, 48cm high                              Fairy → 30cm wide, 52cm high
Raven → 60cm wide, 55cm high  
Brown cross left → 23cm wide, 27cm high   SOLD                 Right → 21cm wide, 25cm high   SOLD 
Red cross → 23cm wide, 27cm high   SOLD                          Blue cross → 21cm wide, 25cm high
Blue plowing disc → 65cm diameter
Twists plowing disc → 65cm diameter                                  Twists mirror → 53cm wide, 34cm high   SOLD 
Coffee Buzz mosaic and Megan's mirror → 30cm wide, 47cm high   NOT FOR SALE 
Heart mirror → 60cm wide, 70cm high, Door mirror → 75cm wide, 1.2m high, and VFPS mirror → 80cm wide, 1.6m high
all   SOLD 
Turquoise mirror → 40cm wide, 40cm high                          Colourful mirror → 70cm wide, 60cm high
Commissions are welcome, Bettina can custom make a mosaic of any size, in any colours you may prefer - house signs or numbers, mirrors, names, etc. Feel free to contact her for any queries you may have regarding prices or anything else.
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